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Dutch Glow™ Features:

Finally, there’s a pure and simple furniture polish from a pure and simple people!

Crafty chemical companies have deceived us for generations. Once you start using their furniture polishes, you have to keep adding more and more layers, just to create a false shine. Finally, there’s a pure and simple furniture polish from a pure and simple people. Introducing Dutch Glow™, based on a century old Amish wood worker’s formula, it easily cleans, polishes and nourishes all of the woodwork in your home. The simple ingredients in Dutch Glow™ Amish Wood Milk break down years of wax buildup, revealing your furniture’s natural glow.

Did you know that most water rings are actually a discoloration in the wax build up? Dutch Glow™ easily removes those embarrassing heat rings and water marks.

And in the kitchen it’s like a magician on your cabinets; removing cooking grease, smoke stains and fingerprints that build up over time. Look how you can turn an antique flea market find into a gold mine! Waxes and polishes can leave a sticky residue that attracts dust. So we cleaned half of this table and broke open a down pillow to show how Dutch Glow™ attracts less dust, so you’ll clean less often!

Works on any wood surface!

Amazing Results Guaranteed!

Use Dutch Glow™ on oak, cherry, pine, maple, teak, hickory and on any painted wood surface too. It’ll also remove scuff marks from base boards and cabinet doors. Join the generations of sportsmen that trust Amish wood milk for their wood.

My company cleans thousands of homes and offices every year, and we even trust Amish wood milk on painted wood surfaces; because harsh chemical cleaners can etch paint through wood over time. When they’re outside the lines, Dutch Glow™ comes through every time!